Sugar Creek Team Captains Meeting Notes

Sugar Creek Team Captains Meeting Notes


Meeting Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012

7:00 p.m. at Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis Center

The meeting was facilitated by Marie Dunovant, Chair of the Board/President of Sydmar Golf and Sports Management, who is running Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis Center now.

This meeting was basically for Captains of teams out of Sugar Creek. They will be sending out emails for the regularly scheduled matches for this season.

In 2012, they are trying to bring more revenue to Sugar Creek because the tennis at Sugar Creek is not bringing in the revenue.

They will start building a new clubhouse in about 2 weeks. It will take about 10-12 months (16-18 months) to complete. The clubhouse will be built where courts 1 & 2 are located.

They will bring in more coaches to coach teams out of Sugar Creek. They are working with USTA to bring more teams to Sugar Creek also.

They are working to have more tennis events at Sugar Creek, i.e. round robins, tournaments, etc.

In October, they plan to do something for Breast Cancer Awareness.

They would like to work with teams to develop a menu to cater tennis matches. Instead of having teams bring in their own foods, water, bananas, etc., Sugar Creek will provide these items for teams. These foods will be prepared onsite. If the cost is cost effective, they are looking to work with captains and teams to provide this to teams at their home matches. If captains can let Sugar Creek know by the Wednesday before their match, Sugar Creek should be able to cater their match for that weekend. They would like to meet with captains by Jan. 18th, (via email or however) to determine what foods teams would like to be put on the menu for the matches.

This is about the gist of what was discussed at the meeting. You can reach Marie Dunovant at 404-288-0791 or or Marian Buck Stallworth, Vice President of Operations at 678-613-3193 or with additional questions.