2 year old Niyasha Berryman got game

2 year old Niyasha Berryman got game


Niyasha first picked up a racket last summer when she began hitting balls around the family home in Aston, Birmingham.

The mini ace is tipped for the top and even has her own coach. 

Her mother, Tennesa Young, 24, said: ‘It would be 7.30am and she’d be hitting the ball against her bedroom door. That was all a bit much for me, so we took her to a small tennis group for 30 minutes at a time.

‘A coach said because she had a long attention span she should get her own coach as she was very, very good. Niyasha is very focused on her game and listens to her coach and cries when she has to leave.’

Mrs Young, a community worker, added:  ‘Niyasha is building on her skills now and by the time she’s four she’ll be competing. It’s something she’ll stick to if she wants to.

‘She’s not a fan of Serena Williams but I think she can be even better than her because she has started so young.’

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