Federer suggests loss of confidence in lack of majors in last two...

Federer suggests loss of confidence in lack of majors in last two years


It’s been two years since the Swiss great one won a major (won the 2010 Australian Open).

Federer believes that he hasn’t been able to add to his impressive title collection due to “a bit of confidence not on my side and on my opponent’s side.”

Federer also mentioned…”I’ve had some tough losses over the past couple of years.”

Maybe, Federer hasn’t noticed the improvement in Djokovic or Nadal’s games.  Or maybe, just maybe the Swiss great one has also decided to add his name to the definition of narcissist.

Federer was also asked about Pete Sampras’ record and his classic narcissistic response:  “It would be great having that record but my life is very much OK without it, too,” … “Pete is a good friend and was an amazing champion for our game. I don’t need to break every record he has. I came so close and I could have chased it if I had wanted to. I didn’t choose to.”

“I feel if I play really well until the U.S. Open, then obviously there is a shot. But then again there is a shot for about 10 players,” Federer said. “I am aware I’m not the only one. But I feel like I’m on a good run right now. I’ve won a lot of tournaments in a short time, which gives me a lot of confidence.”