Marko Djokovic quietly enters Dubai and quickly loses

Marko Djokovic quietly enters Dubai and quickly loses


Marko Djokovic, the 20yr old younger brother of world number 1 Novak Djokovic, received a wildcard into the 2012 Dubai Championships.  Marko’s  quick exit from the tournament is not unexpected.  The 869th-ranked Marko loss to world number 143 Andrey Golubev 6-3 6-2.

After his loss, Marko explained how being the brother of Novak may affect his opponents.

“They’re trying more. I played qualifiers and futures and was coming back from the injury, and it was really tough. I had to fight for every point,” Marko, who injured his wrist at the start of 2011 and did not play for 10 months, told reporters.

“So this is the big difference when they play against me and then when I see them playing against somebody else.

“Maybe sometimes I have an advantage because maybe they get scared. You know, Novak’s brother. I have to beat him. Like Golubev today, he started so-so in the beginning.”

“A brother like that is a privilege. He’s helping me a lot. He knows a lot about tennis, and he’s trying to push me to go more and more, to improve, to not make mistakes that he made in that stage of his life. But we cannot compare,” said Marko.

“There have been a lot of positive and negative things being his brother. It’s a lot positive. Financially I have all the needs and I can get all the coaches and all the practice.

“But negative things, there is a lot of pressure. Everybody expects, which is really tough to achieve. But I’m trying. I’m doing my best.”

“Now I know that I can play good tennis. Golubev played really good today and I saw the quality of the tennis is not that far away from my tennis. Hopefully I can improve a lot.”

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