Nadal Skit On French TV Earns Boos and Lawsuits

Nadal Skit On French TV Earns Boos and Lawsuits


The video has pretty much been blocked everywhere, but alas here is a link to the non-english version:

Now, for those of you unaware Yannick Noah published a column in the newspaper Le Monde (Nov.  11)suggesting that Spain’s impressive sporting progress could not be attributed only to improved training methods, but perhaps also to possible access to the kind of “magic potion” used by comic book heroes Asterix and Obelix  to garner additional strength.

French television channel Canal + is under fire for a skit using a puppet of Rafael Nadal. During a recent airing of the show Les Guignols, or The Puppets, a puppet of Nadal is shown walking into a gas station shop to buy a bottle of water which he drinks before stepping outside to fill up his car’s gas tank with his bladder. Nadal is then pulled over by police for speeding after which a logo of the Spanish Tennis Federation flashes on the screen with the words “Spanish Athletes. They do not win by chance.”

Keeping my thoughts to myself for now.