Serena Williams Allegedly Spotted on a “Date”

Serena Williams Allegedly Spotted on a “Date”


World-famed tennis champion Serena Williams was recently seen on what appears to be a date with Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov in Paris.

The tennis-playing pair had lunch at the L’Avenue restaurant before going on a romantic walk through the streets of Paris. Williams owns an apartment in Paris. They were also spotted visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Williams hasn’t been on a date in a long time

Despite her luck on the tennis court, Williams hasn’t had much luck in love. While revealing her outfit for the Australian Open last month, Williams told reporters, “I haven’t been on a date in forever. I can be super picky, never satisfied.”

The tennis star apparently suffers from a streak of bad luck when it comes to the love department, claiming that she is so picky when it comes to the opposite sex that it prevents her from going on dates. Strangely enough, when asked what she looks for in a man, Williams said, “Anywhere between 18 and 80, blonde, purple or green.” It seems as though Williams doesn’t have a type, or perhaps she prefers not to disclose it.